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Table 1 Components of the EQ-5D descriptive system

From: Reconsidering the use of rankings in the valuation of health states: a model for estimating cardinal values from ordinal data

Domain Levels
Mobility 1 No problems walking about
  2 Some problems walking about
  3 Confined to bed
Self-Care 1 No problems with self-care
  2 Some problems washing or dressing self
  3 Unable to wash or dress self
Usual Activities 1 No problems with performing usual activities (e.g. work, study, housework, family or leisure activities)
  2 Some problems with performing usual activities
  3 Unable to perform usual activities
Pain/Discomfort 1 No pain or discomfort
  2 Some pain or discomfort
  3 Extreme pain or discomfort
Anxiety/Depression 1 Not anxious or depressed
  2 Moderately anxious or depressed
  3 Extremely anxious or depressed