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Figure 3

From: Millennium development health metrics: where do Africa’s children and women of childbearing age live?

Figure 3

Differences between national and subnational summaries of population proportions under 5 years old for African countries. Comparison of UN national estimates[27] of proportions of the population under 5 years old in 2010 (red dots) against the range of proportions measured by the subnational datasets collated here (Additional file1: Protocol S1) shown as boxplots. The solid center line of the boxplot shows the median values, the box width represents the interquartile range, and the whiskers extend to 1.5 times the interquartile range from the box (values further away than this are shown as open circles). The administrative unit level of the subnational data used here is shown as a prefix to the country name on the x-axis.

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