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Table 3 Uncertainty for the projected reduction in diabetes prevalence for four intervention scenarios

From: Modeling the impact of prevention policies on future diabetes prevalence in the United States: 2010–2030

Intervention (r2for linear model approximation) 95% approximate credibility interval for projected reduction in diabetes prevalence, compared to no intervention (millions)
Combined (0.92) 0.9 to 6.3
Population (0.93) 0.0 to 0.91
High-risk (0.91) 0.0 to 3.01
Moderate-risk (0.93) 0.1 to 5.9
  1. 1Due to their approximate nature, the calculated lower bounds of these intervals were small negative numbers. Since it is not plausible that interventions could increase prevalence, we have truncated these intervals at 0.0.