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Table 1 The adapted neighbourhood cohesion scale

From: An ecometric analysis of neighbourhood cohesion

How much do you agree with the following statements about your neighbourhood...
Item Statement
1 Overall, I am attracted to living in this neighbourhood
2 I feel like I belong to this neighbourhood
3 I visit my friends in their homes
4 The friendships and associations I have with other people in my neighbourhood mean a lot to me
5 Given the opportunity, I would like to move out of this neighbourhood
6 If I need advice about something I could go to someone in my neighbourhood
7 I believe my neighbours would help in an emergency
8 I borrow things and exchange favours with my neighbours
9 I would be willing to work together with others on something to improve my neighbourhood
10 I plan to remain a resident of this neighbourhood for a number of years
11 I like to thing of myself as similar to the people who live in this neighbourhood
12 I rarely have a neighbour over to my house to visit
13 I regularly stop and talk with people in my neighbourhood
14 Living in this neighbourhood gives me a sense of community
15 Overall I think this is a good place to bring up children
  1. The Likert response scale comprised the following five options: Strongly agree, Agree, Neither agree or disagree, Disagree, Strongly disagree.