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Table 3 Complete list of physiological markers collected at baseline and 6 and 12-month follow-up.

From: Predictors of self-rated health: a 12-month prospective study of IT and media workers

Categories Physiological marker
Cardiovascular system and lifestyle Blood pressure, pulse, waist-hip ratio, BMI, P-BNP (brain natriuretic peptide), P-PAI-1 (plasminogen activator inhibitor 1), insulin, B-HbA1C, S-triglycerides, S-cholesterol, S-HDL, S-LDL, P-fibrinogen, B-trombocytes.
Stress-related (HPA-axis, catabolic) S-prolactin, P-ACTH (adreno corticotropic hormone), S-Cortisol, S-TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone), S-T3, S-T4 (free), S-urate.
Recovery-related (anabolic) S-growth hormone, S-IGF-1, S-DHEAS-S (dehydroepiandosterone sulphate), S-estradiol, S-testosterone, S-SHBG (sexual hormone binding globulin).
Immune markers and neuropeptides S-IL-1beta, S-TNFα (tumour necrosis factor alpha), S-CRP, high sensitive (c-reactive protein), P-substance P, P-NPY, CgA (P-chromogranin A), B-LPK (leukocyte particle concentration).