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Table 1 Description of variables in determinants of health regression model

From: Comparing the health of low income and less well educated groups in the United States and Canada

Variable Name Definition Comparator
Gender Female Male
Proxy Proxy response Non proxy response
Marital Status Respondent's martial status is:  
Widow Widow Not widowed
Divorced Divorced Not divorced
Single Single Not single
Purchasing power parity adjusted income quintile   
Lowest income $0–$17,499 Not $0–$17,499
Higher middle income $42,000–$62,353 Not $42,000–$62,353
Highest income >$62,353 Not >$62,353
Missing income Missing income data No missing income data
Body Mass Index (BMI)   
BMI0 (underweight) BMI <18.5 BMI not <18.5
BMI1 (overweight) BMI 25–29.9 BMI not 25–29.9
BMI2 (obese) BMI > = 30 BMI not > = 30
Age Categories   
Age 45–64 Not 45–64
Age1 65–74 Not 65–74
Age2 75+ Not 75+
Uninsured Americans Americans with no health insurance Americans with health insurance
Country US Canada