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Table 2 Correlations among MFI-20 subscales and their partial correlations controlled for age or sex.

From: Further validation of the Multidimensional Fatigue Inventory in a US adult population sample

Age Effect    
  Physical Fatigue Reduced Activity Reduced Motivation
Physical Fatigue   0.6777 0.6301
Reduced Activity 0.6738   0.6893
Reduced Motivation 0.6255 0.6855  
Sex Effect    
  Physical Fatigue General Fatigue Mental Fatigue
Physical Fatigue   0.7392 0.4933
General Fatigue 0.7356   0.5940
Mental Fatigue 0.4891 0.5904  
  1. Note: upper right triangle: Pearson correlations; lower left triangle (numbers in Italic and bold): partial correlations (controlled for sex and age, respectively). All p-values are < 0.0001.