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Figure 3

From: Feasibility of using a World Health Organization-standard methodology for Sample Vital Registration with Verbal Autopsy (SAVVY) to report leading causes of death in Zambia: results of a pilot in four provinces, 2010

Figure 3

Causes of death for males and females of all ages from all deaths recorded by Zambia's SAVVY (N = 1056) from 2009-2010. *p < 0.05. **p < 0.001 Note: All other specified causes include the remainder of infectious and parasitic diseases, diseases of the liver, other digestive system disorders, other CNS disorders, other chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases, disorders of the kidney, other mental and behavioural disorders, asthma, senility/oldage, sickle-cell disorders, other respiratory diseases, duodenal ulcer, hernias, disorders of the skin and subcutaneous tissue, other diseases of the urinary system, other disorders of the genital organs, abdominal pain, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, leprosy, viral hepatitis, other blood diseases, epilepsy, diseases of the oesophagus, stomach and duodenum, hyperplasia of prostrate, stomach and other digestive system disorders.

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