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Table 1 Data sources summary

From: Improving the measurement of maternal mortality in Thailand using multiple data sources

  Stage 1: mothers who died after giving a live birth Stage 2: pregnant women who died without a live birth
Data sources - Civil registration containing data on birth and death information of the child and mother, respectively. - Inpatient record from two public insurance schemes: CS and UCSa
- Death certificate. - Death certificate.
Result from matching multiple data sources - Mothers who died within 42 days after the date of birth of their newborns. - Women who were pregnant within a period of 270 days before their date of death.
  - Women who died within 42 days after child delivery or abortion.
Deceased women who are included in each stage - All Thai citizens who gave live births at private or public hospitals or at home and register their newborns. - Pregnant women who were hospitalized and used CS or UCS.
- Ethnic minority who had a PID and gave live births.  
Deceased women who are excluded in each stage - Unreported death - Unreported death
- Migrant workers who gave birth in Thailand. - Pregnant women who had no hospital admission or did not use CS or UCS.
- Ethnic minorities who did not have a PID. - Pregnant women who gave birth at private hospitals. However, they should be included in stage 1 if they gave live birth.
- Thai citizens who gave birth at home and did not register their newborns. - Migrant workers and ethnic minorities.
  1. aThailand has three public health insurance schemes: CS for civil servants, their parents, and young children, SS for private employees and UCS for the rest of population