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Table 4 Cross-Classified Random Effects Model of adjusted self-rated health: period level covariatesa

From: Socioeconomic status and self-rated health of Japanese people, based on age, cohort, and period

Random effects   
Period Variance (p value) Variance (p value)
 Intercept 0.061 (0.024) 0.062 (0.024)
 First quartile of income 0.002 (0.066) 0.001(0.134)
% Reduction b =45.5
 Period level covariates   Coefficient (p value)
  Unemployment rate   −0.031 (0.027)
Model fit   
 -2 Res Log-Pseudo-Likelihood 3883618 (df = 652979.9) 3883560 (df = 652932.7)
  1. aCross-Classified Random Effects Model was conducted using all variables in the model shown in Table 3. However, this table shows only related results
  2. bCompared to variance estimates from the model without covariates