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Table 3 Cause-specific mortality fractions for Medical Assistants and Tariff for Neonates (n = 345)

From: Comparing tariff and medical assistant assigned causes of death from verbal autopsy interviews in Matlab, Bangladesh: implications for a health and demographic surveillance system

Medical Assistants CSMF Tariff reallocated CSMF
Birth asphyxia 41.2 Birth asphyxia 37
Meningitis/Sepsis 22.3 Preterm Delivery 30.9
Preterm Delivery 8.1 Pneumonia 17.1
Congenital malformation 6.7 Meningitis/Sepsis 7.5
Pneumonia 2.9 Congenital malformation 6.9
Stillbirth 0 Stillbirth 0.4
Undetermined 18.8 Undetermined 0
  1. CSMF cause-specific mortality fraction