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Table 1 Publicly available internet-based cancer registry data sources and data elements available for extraction by country

From: The present and future burden of previously treated advanced non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) by histology and line of therapy in France, Germany, Italy, and Spain: model-based predictions

Country Data sources Data available Incidence estimates data yearsa
France EUREG, InVS [29, 30] Incidence and mortality 2000–2009, 2012
Germany Robert Koch Institute [31] Incidence and mortality 2000–2012
Italy AIRTUM/ITACAN [32, 33] Incidence and mortality 2000–2009
Spain EUREG [29] Incidence and mortality 2000–2007
  1. Key: InVS Institut de Veille Sanitaire, KRN Krajowy Reejestr Nowotworow
  2. aYears refer to availability of incidence data; for modeling purposes, data were extracted only back through the year 2000