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Table 1 Characteristics and status of ICD-10 report form and death registers, 2006–2015

From: Hospital mortality statistics in Tanzania: availability, accessibility, and quality 2006–2015

Characteristic ICD-10 report form Death registers
Usage (2006–2010) Introduced in November 2012 Used by 82% (32/39) of all hospitals
Usage (2011–2015) Used by 28% (11/39) of all hospitals Used by 94.9% (37/39) of all hospitals
Completion time Completed at clinician’s convenient time Completed as soon as the death event occurs
Staff responsible for recording Completed by nurses, recorders, or HMIS staff Completed by clinician on call
Storage and archiving Stored in hospital wards Stored either in hospital wards, Hospital Registry (Medical Records) Unit, or Office of District Commissioner
Data volume recorded Low data compared to those available in death registers More complete data (large number of cases)
Form format Different versions found in use with different variables Standardized format and variables
Stock-out Stock-out commonly reported Readily available