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Table 1 EN-INDEPTH survey questions for birthweight

From: Birthweight data completeness and quality in population-based surveys: EN-INDEPTH study

Standard questions in DHS-7 and MICS6 and EN-INDEPTH surveya



Included in analyses presented in this paper

‘When NAME was born, was this babyb very large, larger than average, average, smaller than average, or very small?’

Acceptable responses ‘very large’, ‘larger than average’, ‘average’, ‘smaller than average’, ‘very small’ or ‘don’t know’.


‘Was NAME weighed at birth?’

Responses coded – Yes/ No/ Don’t Know.


‘How much did NAME weigh?’

Coded ‘from card’ or ‘from recall’.

Response – numeric integer.

Acceptable range 0.3 – 6.5kg. Red error message prompting interviewer to correct entry if value outside this range entered.


  1. aThese questions were asked in the EN-INDEPTH survey for all last neonatal deaths and stillbirths since 1st Jan 2012 and a subset of surviving livebirths
  2. bNote very minor variation between surveys: DHS-7 repeats NAME here, MICS6 says ‘he/she’; EN-INDEPTH ‘this baby’
  3. cQuestions regarding maternal perception of size were excluded from these analyses as they do not provide a direct measure of birthweight