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Table 1 Policy areas tested for synthetic cohort model

From: Estimating the impact of donor programs on child mortality in low- and middle-income countries: a synthetic control analysis of child health programs funded by the United States Agency for International Development

Policy area Variables tested in synthetic cohort model
Wealth Log GDP per capita (constant 2010 USD)
  Official development assistance per capita (USD)
Service delivery Skilled birth attendance (%)
  Physicians per 1000 population
  Antenatal care visits (4+)
Health financing Health expenditure per capita (2011 international $)
  Out-of-pocket health spending (% of total health spending)
Immunizations DPT immunization (% of 12–23-month-olds)
Malaria or HIV HIV prevalence (% 15–49 year olds)
Fertility Total fertility rate (births per woman)
Nutrition Stunting (% of children under 5)
Governance Government effectiveness index
  Political stability index
  Polity score
Infrastructure Percent of population in urban areas
  Land area
  Population density
Water, sanitation, and hygiene Access to improved water source (%)
  Access to improved sanitation (%)
Education Average years of female education, women aged 20–24