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Table 1 Variables included in NZDep96

From: Monitoring health inequalities: life expectancy and small area deprivation in New Zealand

  Variable Description
1 Communication People with no access to a telephone
2 Income People aged 18–59 receiving a means-tested benefit
3 Employment People aged 18–59 unemployed
4 Income People living in households with equivalised1 income below an income threshold
5 Transport People with no access to a car
6 Support People aged < 60 living in a single-parent family2
7 Qualifications People aged 18–59 without any qualifications3
8 Owned home People not living in own home
9 Living space People living in households below equivalised1 bedroom occupancy threshold
  1. (1) Equivalisation = methods used to control for household composition; (2) People less than 60 in a single parent family with dependent children as a proportion of all people under 60; (3) School or post school educational or training qualifications.