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Regional variation of premature mortality in Ontario, Canada: a spatial analysis

© YinYang / Getty Images / iStockPremature mortality is a meaningful indicator of both population health and health system performance, which varies by geography in Ontario. This study used the Local Health Integration Network sub-regions to conduct a spatial analysis of premature mortality, adjusting for key population-level demographic and behavioural characteristics.

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What are the economic, health and population effects of palm cooking oil consumption?

© slpu9945 / Getty Images / iStockPalm oil is associated with non-communicable disease, but neither the economic or disease burdens have been assessed previously. This novel palm oil-focussed disease burden assessment employs a fully integrated health, macroeconomic and demographic Computable General Equilibrium Model for Thailand.

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    Authors: Rabab Z Jafri, Asad Ali, Nancy E Messonnier, Carol Tevi-Benissan, David Durrheim, Juhani Eskola, Florence Fermon, Keith P Klugman, Mary Ramsay, Samba Sow, Shao Zhujun, Zulfiqar A Bhutta and Jon Abramson

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