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Table 6 Opportunities for screening during primary care office visits

From: Detecting type 2 diabetes and prediabetes among asymptomatic adults in the United States: modeling American Diabetes Association versus US Preventive Services Task Force diabetes screening guidelines

Applying screening guidelines Meets ADA guidelines Meets USPSTF guidelines
Number of patients with at least one primary care visit 50,180,000 41,530,000
Percent of patients with at least one primary care visit 58.2% 70.3%
Potential cases of diabetes to detect 3,083,000 2,753,000
Potential cases of prediabetes to detect 20,386,000 17,263,409
  1. Note: Estimates derived from analysis of the 2010 Medical Expenditure Panel Survey using predicted probability of patient having undetected diabetes or prediabetes for 202 million non-diabetic, non-pregnant adults age 18 or older in the US in 2010. Primary care visits identified as visits to a general or family practice or general internal medicine practice. Total primary care visits in 2010 by adults age 18 and older (excluding pregnant patients and patients with diagnosed diabetes) is 256.3 million.