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Table 1 Global burden of disease classification system – main categories

From: The burden of disease and injury in the United States 1996

Communicable, maternal, perinatal and nutritional conditions (Group I)
   A. Infectious and parasitic diseases
   B. Respiratory infections
   C. Maternal conditions
   D. Conditions arising during the perinatal period
   E. Nutritional deficiencies
Noncommunicable diseases (Group II)
   A. Malignant neoplasms
   B. Other neoplasms
   C. Diabetes mellitus
   D. Endocrine disorders
   E. Neuro-psychiatric conditions
   F. Sense organ diseases
   G. Cardiovascular diseases
   H. Respiratory diseases
   I. Digestive diseases
   J. Genito-urinary diseases
   K. Skin diseases
   L. Musculo-skeletal diseases
   M. Congenital anomalies
   N. Oral conditions
Injuries (Group III)
   A. Unintentional injuries
   B. Intentional injuries
  1. Source: Global Burden of Disease and Injury 1990