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Table 4 Factor analysis of 20 MFI item responses.

From: Further validation of the Multidimensional Fatigue Inventory in a US adult population sample

  Five Factors
  1 2 3 4 5
General Fatigue      
I feel fit .83     
I feel tired     .71  
I feel rested     .52  
I tired easily     .61  
Physical Fatigue      
Physically I feel I am in an excellent condition .81     
Physically I feel I am in a bad condition .67     
Physically I can take on a lot .56     
Physically I feel only able to do a little .54     
Reduced Activity (Vigor)      
I think I do very little in a day    .84   
I think I do a lot in a day    .78   
I get little done    .72   
I feel very active .68     
Reduced Motivation      
I have a lot of plans      .89
I feel like doing all sorts of nice things      .53
I dread having to do things     .64  
I don't feel like doing anything     .58  
Mental Fatigue (Cognition)      
When I am doing something, I can keep my thoughts on it   .81    
I can concentrate well   .81    
My thoughts easily wander   .75    
It takes a lot of effort to concentrate on things   .71    
Total % of Variance Explained 20.10 15.18 14.10 13.40 6.87
  1. Note: Factor loadings less than 0.5 were not listed in the table. The numbers in bold indicated the largest factor loading of the item loaded on different factor components.
  2. Kaiser-Meyer-Olkin (KMO) = 0.938, p-value for Bartlett's Test of Sphericity is < 0.001. Cumulative % of Variance Explained is 70%.