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Figure 7

From: Algorithms for enhancing public health utility of national causes-of-death data

Figure 7

A & 7B Distribution of all ICD-10 coded cause-of-death data for 878 country-years by age and 24 causes before and after GC redistribution. A01 - Tuberculosis in all type, A02 - HIV/AIDS, A03 - Sexually transmitted diseases except HIV, A04 - Intestinal Infectious, A05 - Vaccine Preventable, A06 - Malaria, A07 - Parasitic and Vector born disease, A08 - Meningitis/Encephalitis/Hepatitis, A09 - Respiratory Infections, A10 - Maternal conditions, A11 - Neonatal conditions, A12 - Nutritional deficiencies, B14 - Neoplasms, B15 - Diabetes, B16 - Endocrine, nutritional, blood, and immune disorders, B17 - Mental/behavioral and neurological conditions, B18 - Cardiovascular and circulatory diseases, B19 - Respiratory diseases, B20 - Digestive diseases, B21 - Genitourinary/skin/musculoskeletal diseases, B22 - Congenital anomaly, C23 - Unintentional injuries, C24 - Intentional injuries, GAR - Garbage

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