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Table 1 Sources for disability weight estimates of arbovirus-related long-term morbidities: Proxy values based on Global Burden of Disease project disability weights for analogous health states

From: Measuring the burden of arboviral diseases: the spectrum of morbidity and mortality from four prevalent infections

Arbovirus Sequelae details and expected prevalence Analogous morbidity DW from GBD project listings[59] DW input range for YLD estimations
Yellow fever (YFV) Zero to 2% of YFV survivors who require critical care for severe hemorrhage or acute encephalopathy can expect protracted symptoms ranging from mild cognitive impairment to severe disability [79] Persisting mild cognitive impairment ≈ malnutrition, DW = 0.024
Severe psychomotor deficits ≈
severe complications of JEV, DW = 0.616
Japanese encephalitis (JEV) 30% to 50% of survivors can expect severe neurologic disability [72, 83] JEV-associated moderate cognitive impairment up to severe disability [59] 0.39-0.49
Chikungunya (CHIKV) 5% to 50% of survivors will have prolonged post-infectious rheumatologic and neurologic complications [57, 85, 86] ≈ Osteoarthritis, DW = 0.156
≈ Rheumatoid arthritis, DW = 0.233
Rift Valley fever (RVFV) 4% to 10% of survivors develop prolonged ocular and neurologic complications of ophthalmitis and meningoencephalitis [27, 67] Prolonged visual impairment ≈
trachoma, DW = 0.223
Severe psychomotor deficits ≈
severe complications of JEV, DW = 0.616
  1. Abbreviations: GBD, Global Burden of Diseases; DW, disability weight; YLD, Years lived with disability