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Table 1 Cause categories applied in the three VA studies in Bangladesh

From: Trends in causes of death among children under 5 in Bangladesh, 1993-2004: an exercise applying a standardized computer algorithm to assign causes of death using verbal autopsy data

1993-1994 1996-1997 2004
Neonatal tetanus
Measles only
Measles followed by ARI/diarrhea
Watery diarrhea  
Persistent diarrhea Diarrhea
ARI and watery diarrhea  
ARI and persistent diarrhea ARI and diarrhea
ARI and dysentery  
Congenital abnormality   Congenital abnormality
Prematurity   Premature birth/LBW
Early neonatal or pregnancy/delivery related
   Birth asphyxia
Early Perinatal   
   Birth injury
Possible ARI Other possible serious infections
Possible diarrhea  
Possible ARI and diarrhea  
Not identified