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Table 1 Administrative units

From: Small area estimation of under-5 mortality in Bangladesh, Cameroon, Chad, Mozambique, Uganda, and Zambia using spatially misaligned data

Country Admin. level 1 Admin. level 2 Admin. level 3
Bangladesh Division (7) District (64) Sub-district (484)a
Cameroon Region (10) Department (58)
Chad Region (23)b Department (62)b, c
Mozambique Province (11)d District (148)d
Uganda Region (4) District (112)
Zambia Province (9)e District (72)e
  1. aSome highly urbanized areas of Bangladesh are classified as city corporations which we treat as equivalent to sub-districts for this analysis
  2. bIn Chad, the capital city is considered equivalent to both a region and a department
  3. cChad currently has 68 departments. However, the most detailed data source identified used the 62 departments in effect until 2011, so we have carried out the analysis at this level
  4. dIn Mozambique, the capital city is considered equivalent to a province while the provincial capital cities are considered equivalent to districts
  5. eZambia currently has 10 provinces and 103 districts. However, district boundary changes in recent years have not been well documented. We therefore carry out this analysis on the 9 provinces and 72 districts that were in effect until approximately 2010