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Table 2 Percentage of deaths due to communicable, maternal, neonatal, and nutritional diseases, non-communicable diseases, and injuries according to GBD 2016 estimates and death records in 1990 and 2015

From: Estimating cause-specific mortality in Madagascar: an evaluation of death notification data from the capital city

GBDDeath recordsGBDDeath recordsGBDDeath recordsGBDDeath records
Communicable, maternal, neonatal, and nutritional63 (61–66)6366 (63–69)6454 (48–59)3853 (48–60)36
Non-communicable31 (28–33)3130 (27–33)3339 (34–44)5342 (36–47)59
Injuries (including self-harm and interpersonal violence)6 (5–7)64 (3–4)37 (6–8)84 (4–5)4
  1. Cause-specific mortality fractions are in % (with 95% uncertainty intervals for the GBD in parentheses). Estimates from death records are standardized using the age structure of deaths estimated in the GBD 2016 in 1990 and 2015