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Table 1 Search strategy used to identify cost-effectiveness studies relevant to New Zealand

From: Can cost-effectiveness results be combined into a coherent league table? Case study from one high-income country

Search strategy with text terms (using PubMed unless indicated otherwise and for the search period 1 January 2010 to 8 October 2017, articles with abstracts, human-only studies, and English language) Total results Additional articles meeting inclusion criteria (after the search in row 1)
Zealand AND (cost-effective OR cost-utility OR cost-benefit OR benefit-cost OR “economic evaluation”) 459 22 (but with 1 duplicating the results of another)
Zealand AND (QALY OR DALY OR life-year OR ICER) 138 0
Zealand AND “cost per” 56 0
Authors publishing on health economics and known to work/have worked in NZ in the past decade: Ashton T, Brown P, Cumming J, Edlin R, Green T, Hansen P, Harris J, Leung W, Milne R, O’Dea D, Scott H, Scott W, Sheerin I. (Combined with the search term: “Zealand”) 198 0
Tufts Medical Center Registry (searching for “Zealand”) ( 37 0
Centre for Reviews and Dissemination (CRD) database, University of York ( with Abstract or full published health technology assessment articles (searching for “Zealand”) 115 0
Bibliography search of the selected articles (all CEAs and CBAs) 38 1
  1. CEAs cost-effectiveness analyses, CBAs cost-benefit analyses, DALY disability-adjusted life-year, ICER incremental cost-effectiveness ratio, NZ New Zealand, QALY quality-adjusted life-year