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Table 1 Percentage and incidence rate of mortality among newborns according to birth weight strata in the municipality of Porto Alegre (2000–2015)

From: The relationship between the different low birth weight strata of newborns with infant mortality and the influence of the main health determinants in the extreme south of Brazil

TotalMortalityPIRCI 95%
500–999 g59645.072955.01325100< 0.001207.04186.81229.47
1000–1499 g188489.123110.92115100< 0.00141.135.3147.83
1500—2499 g19,53698.53041.5019,840100< 0.0015.764.996.65
2500—2999 g64,03299.53190.5064,351100< 0.0011.861.612.15
3000—3999 g17,527599.74670.30175,742100< 0.0011
≥ 4000 g14,57199.7380.3014,6091000.8990.970.71.36