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Table 5 Grouping by type of impairment, according to the survey

From: A comparative analysis of disability measures in Cameroonian surveys

Survey Motor disability Sensorial disability Mental disability Other disability
3RGPH Crippled upper limbs, crippled lower limbs Deaf, dumb, blinded Mental illness, Albino, leprosy
ECAM3 Crippled, paralytic Blind, visually impaired, stutter, mute, deaf, hearing impaired, deaf-mute, etc. Insane, alienated, crazy, etc. Other, or missing value for disability type even though reported as disabled
DHS-MICS Lack of a body part or “extremity”, deformation of an upper or lower limb, unable or has some difficulties walking or using arm Blind, visually impaired, dumb or hearing impaired, mute or serious speaking impairments Behavioural disorders NA
HandiVIH Difficulty walking or climbing stairs
Difficulty with self-care
Difficulty seeing even if wearing glasses,
Difficulty hearing even if using hearing aid/s or deaf
Difficulty remembering or concentrating
Difficulty learning a new task,
Difficulty analysing and finding solutions to problems
Difficulty communicating