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Table 6 Distribution of incentive costs based on type of incentive used and survey pricing mechanism, reported in USD

From: A cost study for mobile phone health surveys using interactive voice response for assessing risk factors of noncommunicable diseases

Country Incentive per completed survey Lottery incentive per completed survey
Survey pricing per min Survey pricing via flat fee# Survey pricing per min Survey pricing via flat fee#
Bangladesh 12,280 6140 12,280 6140
Colombia+ 9164 NA NA NA
Uganda£ 6629 6629 6629 6629
  1. +Variable costs in Colombia do not change based on survey pricing mechanism as only price per minute were conducted
  2. £The lottery incentive amount used in Uganda was 20x the individual incentive per completed survey, resulting in the same cost per completed survey across fixed and lottery incentive arms of the trial
  3. #Survey pricing via flat fee has the same survey-time costs for either type of incentive as the cost incurred for survey time by the payer would only be based on completed surveys