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Table 3 Methodological quality per measurement property in nine validation studies

From: Health-related quality of life after TBI: a systematic review of study design, instruments, measurement properties, and outcome

Authors, year, reference Instrument1 Internal consistency Reliability Content validity Structural validity Validity-Hypotheses testing Responsiveness Interpretability
Findler, 2001 [42] SF-36 Fair     Good   
MacKenzie, 2002 [43] SF-36 Good   Good   Good   
Guilfoyle, 2010 [44] SF-36 Good Excellent    Fair   Excellent
Von Steinbuechel, 2010 [45] QOLIBRI    Excellent   Good   
Lin, 2013 [50] QOLIBRI    Excellent   Good Good Good
Von Steinbuechel, 2012 [46] QOLIBRI-OS Excellent   Excellent Excellent Good   Fair
Teasdale, 1997 [47] EBIQ Excellent   Fair     
Thomas-Stonell, 2006 [48] CHQ      Fair   
Chiu, 2006 [49] WHOQOL-BREF Excellent Good Good   Excellent Good Good
  1. 1CHQ = Child Health Questionnaire; EBIQ = European Brain Injury Questionnaire; QOLIBRI = Quality of Life after Brain Injury; QOLIBRI-OS = QOLIBRI overall scale; SF-36 = Medical Outcome Study Short form-36 items; WHOQOL-BREF = Short version of the WHOQOL.